Weight loss and Obesity Clinic

National Family Health Survey reveals Obesity as the next biggest health challenge in the country. One-fifth of the women in India are obese. The figures for men have literally doubled in one year for obesity.

Obesity comes along with its comorbid conditions such as Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Heart disease, Stroke, Gallbladder disease, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Osteoarthritis, Sleep apnea and respiratory problems.

We at Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences (CDAS), have realized this fact and have embarked on a journey to fight obesity. A multi-disciplinary team of nutritionists, dieticians, physicians, bariatric surgeons, yoga therapeutics, and physiotherapists offer expert advice on weight-loss, weight-loss alternatives like exercise, behaviour modification programs, supersized diet regimens to enable our patients to fight obesity and rush to enjoying a normal long and healthy-lifespan.


Services Offered

Weight Management Evaluations
Yoga and Aerobics Therapy
Concierge Endoscopic Weight Loss Program
Nutrition Counselling
Behavioural Management
Bariatric Surgery Evaluations
Exercise Guidance
Partial Meal Replacement Program

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