Cardiac Cath Lab

With the advent of technology and research in the medical field, advancements in non-invasive, easier approaches to various conditions are available that previously required major procedures. One of them is the evolution of catheterization techniques to remove blocks in the heart vessels. Such procedures are carried out in a designated laboratory called Cath-labs.

Cath-labs perform a variety of life saving procedures, some of which are:

  1. Balloon angioplasty: manual dialation of stenosed vessels of the heart.
  2. Coronary Angiography: Certain heart blocks are not diagnosed in echo, hence this techquie is employed to accurately point the location of the block and also if possible, therapeutic removal of the block.
  3. Left ventricular digital angiography for estimation of muscle abnormality in the left ventricles.
  4. Right and left heart catheterization for evaluation of a patient of congestive heart failure, ventricular hypertrophies etc.
  5. Rotational artherectomy: A therapeutic procedure aimed at breaking down calcification through induction of rotational motion of the vessels
  6. Stent implantation: Stenosed coronary vessels recede the flow of blood to the heart and do not respond to mere balloon angioplasty techniques. Such stenosis are treated with stents which keep the vessels manually patent aiding smooth blood flow.
  7. Thrombectomy: Another therapeutic approach used to remove clots and blocks formed due to thrombosis of the vessels in care of pulmonary embolism, coronary artery blockages etc.

A simple explanation of daily procedure would be insertion of a small tube into the heart through the artery or vein in the leg or the arm and gaining access to the desired location. Local manipulation with stents, dyes, angioplasty procedures are made specific to each disease and patient is free from the disease. Advantage of being non-invasive, no requirement of general anaesthesia, same-day discharge are the patient centric factors for catheterization techniques being the much favoured modality of treatment.

At CDAS, with our leading edge technology, we offer live-saving services from the catheterization department in diagnosis, treatment and management of all cardiovascular diseases without opting for major heart surgeries. With expert cathlab physicians our treatment services will minimize patient discomfort, decreased hospitalization time, early discharge and return to daily life.

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