Pillars of Vision

Our pillars of Vision provide us strength and support to achieve our vision. These pillars hold our vision of providing 360-degree solutions to deal with diabetes.

This concept is very thoughtfully created around the Indian spirit and our way of living that implies – food or the source of energy is what makes us and our health, for which we seek blessings, to be able to maintain holistic wellness of body and also mind, and we know that to do this we shall need the guidance of experts, who are available whenever we need them.


Food is medicine.
The food we consume is the most powerful form of medicine and promotes wellness of not only our body but also our mind. Healthy mind resides in a health body and food is the fuel for the same. It is a myth that people associate healthy with bland or raw food. That is not the case at Truptam, the chain of restaurant, where food is created with love and with cuisines that combine taste, indulgence along with healthy diet.


Blessings for better living
A well-managed and advanced chain of medics for our people. This service ensures best possible treatment along with conveniently available service. This service is specially packed with blessings for a better health.


Quality life begins with complete wellness
The center of wellness where you can rejuvenate your body with our care and compassion. Here the focus is on collaborative, holistic, integrative-wellness approach to physical and mental health of patients. The focus is not only treating patients but inculcating the spirit of life and promoting quality living.


Ready to serve our people at all times
The fourth pillar revolves around our promise to serve our people with utmost ease and convenience. Sameep is the chain of health booths which always provides unbounded access to doctors. This helps us reach to people in better manner and get closer to fighting diabetes.
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