Cardiovascular disease management requires the expertise and experience of an excellent team who harness the knowledge and technology for the best patient outcome. At Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences (CDAS), we provide such advanced heart treatment through our experienced team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, Technologists, Perfusionists, Physiotherapists and dedicated Cardiac Nurses. CDAS Hospital  Has The Best Cardiologist In Gurgaon. Standard heart surgery is considered as one of the Best Heart Specialist In Gurgaon.

The team will diagnose & treat a full spectrum of heart conditions from preventive care, comprehensive treatment, and complex surgeries to rehabilitation services.
Well-staffed by a team of internationally trained doctors and other staff, CDAS adheres to International protocols and keeps constantly updated with American and European guidelines and individualizes care to the people suffering from cardiac problems. Here you Get the Best Cardiologist In Gurgaon.

You Should Follow That Steps To Get Your Healthy Heart

  • Get dynamic every week
  • Appreciate sound fats, evade unfortunate ones
  • Wake up from an inactive way of life
  • Try not to smoke and maintain a strategic distance from used smoke
  • Shed overabundance weight
  • Try not to indulge through part control
  • Catch your Zs
  • Eat cholesterol-accommodating nourishment
  • Fit your heart wellbeing with music
  • Deal with your teeth
  • Fragrant healing can smother pressure and help your heart


Take these sound heart tips to heart to keep your ticker running easily for the long stretch. Keep in mind, you hold the ability to keep up your wellbeing and deal with your body. Settle on sound decisions and carry on with a way of life that helps your heart remain at its best.
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Services Offered

Heart failure Clinic
Hypertension Clinic
Cardiac Cath lab
Minimally invasive valve and coronary surgery

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