At Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences (CDAS), we have a team of doctors with experience of more than one and a half decade bestowed with the expertise in providing international- standard, comprehensive care to a diabetic patient.

We have the experts and the tools to correctly diagnose the type of diabetes a patient is suffering from, which profoundly affects the treatment the patient should receive. Post diagnosis we evaluate our patient for current and potential complications and address the same immediately. After diagnosis, our diabetic patient goes beyond a ‘case’ with prescription drugs to us. We extend help to our patients in not just managing the tablets or insulin, but also providing them with a holistic care.

At CDAS, our doctors empathise with our patients and understand their lifestyle. We realize that drastic, westernized-suggestions are futile with nil patient compliance. Hence each of our patient receives a counselling about the disease, tailor made diet program, exercises and lifestyle modifications that our patients enjoy doing and continue to do for lifetime. Our subtle yet significant suggestions have impacted the disease control in a major way, keeping our patient hale and hearty for life.


Services Offered

Diabetes Prevention
Stress Management
Cardiac Care
Insurance & Corporate Services
Diabetes Diet
Precision Diabetes
Eye Care
Kidney Care
International Patients
Weight Loss
Insulin Management
Foot Care
Diabetes Physiotherapy

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